Hide in Plain Sight

Hide in Plain Sight. Cuomo is laying low this summer. He reportedly is staying with family and friends in the Hamptons and Westchester. The New York Post reports that he is angry and full of shame. For his transgressions against women ? No. For resigning office last year without fighting harder. Insiders believe he is plotting a political comeback. While he is sitting out this year’s Governors race, he may have his sights on Congress or even the White House. His limited public forays are in stark contrast to Little Brother Chris. The discredited news anchor is re-entering broadcast journalism. His podcast and soon to begin NewsNation program indicate he is remorseless for the actions that lead to his downfall. Both of them see themselves as victims rather than violators. Hide in Plain Sight. With Andrew holding on to a 10 Million dollar campaign warchest, we surely have not heard then last from them !!