Hochul Declares Snow Emergency

Hochul Declares Snow Emergency. The Governor placed a travel ban in effect downstate. This was a precaution amid the major winter storm that battered the region. Hochul’s response was justified by the acute crisis. Her approach is reasoned and balanced. So unlike the crippling edicts of her predecessor. Cuomos actions were arbitrary and excessive. His response to covid was to lockdown and shutter much of the state. He closed businesses, schools, houses of worship, and public gatherings. He made a bad situation many times worse. In the aftermath thousands of small businesses were killed off. Students from elementary school to SUNY campuses suffered deprivation when classrooms were closed. Again this is a tale of 2 Administrations in their governing styles. Hochul Declares Snow Emergency. Her crisis management is moderate and fair, unlike Cuomos excessive use of FORCE !!