Hochul Demanded Federal Job

Hochul Demanded Federal Job. That was her price for leaving the Cuomo ticket in 2022. She reportedly sought an Ambassadorship to Canada or Ireland. That was turned down by the White House. She settled for Undersecretary of Commerce. It all went down the drain as scandal engulfed the Governor and he was forced to resign in his run for re-election next year. He wanted to dump her in favor of a minority as Lieutenant Governor to balance the ticket. Hochul evidently has a high opinion of herself. She has announced her plans to run next year. Her prospects are dim, given her voter base in Upstate New York, far from NYC and its suburbs. Indications are that Attorney General Letitia James, a formidable opponent, will challenge her in the primary. Hochul Demanded Federal Job. Her ambitions belie her modest demeanor !!