Hodlers Beware: Sell Now

Hodlers Beware: Sell Now. That is our advice to the diehard investors in cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin and dogecoin. King Cuomo is coming for your speculative profits. The power hungry Governor will tax you to death. Even worse, he may outlaw them in New York State. The emasculated tyrant is playing up to tax progressives in the Legislature. Remember they will sit in judgment on him in the upcoming Impeachment proceedings. His pandering has already resulted in the highest effective tax rate in the nation. The flood gates have opened. Corporations and high income people are fleeing New York in droves. Florida and Texas are now dubbed Wall Street South. Entrepreneurs such as Elon Musk are planning to build whole new cities in sunbelt tax havens. Meanwhile New York is left to languish. The fallout from the Cuomo scandals is doing its worst. Hodlers Beware. Sell your holdings now or move out of state.

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