I Am My Brother’s Keeper

I Am My Brother’s Keeper. That is the mantra of Chris Cuomo. He engaged in strategy sessions with Big Brother Andrew on dealing with the sexual harassment scandal. Chris apologized for his actions. CNN said it was “INAPPROPRIATE” for him to engage in such behavior. This is further indication of the BROTHERS CUOMO flaunting the rules. They abuse their positions for personal profit and gain. For years they have advanced their careers off the family name. Brother Andrew made millions off his book deal. Brother Chris has become wealthy through his television contract. Both are men of limited ability. They have piggy-backed off their father Mario’s legacy as governor. They conspire to hold on to power at all costs. THIS MUST STOP! There is no other family duo that has self-promoted for such personal enrichment. Their records are blots on the Empire State. I Am My Brother’s Keeper. The apple does not fall far from the tree.