“Innocent Men Don’t Need Ads”

“Innocent Men Don’t Need Ads.” That is the word from Cuomo accuser Charlotte Bennett. She added that “Guilty, vindictive & narcissistic ones do, though.” Strong reaction in anticipation of the airing of his commercial today. The ex Governor is looking to clear his name. The spot focuses on the dropping of criminal charges by DAs around the state. This is the latest outrage from the disgraced pol who just won’t quit. It is summarized by personal lawyer Rita Glavin, “He will not let this go,” It is insulting to tell someone who has been wrongly accused and treated unfairly ‘just move on, just move on.’ No. No. He is not going to just move on because truth is important.” So it seems to the tormented Andrew Cuomo. “Innocent Men Don’t Need Ads.” The commercial is unlikely to change minds in the court of Public Opinion !!