Is It Fair ?

Is It Fair ? Cuomo will collect 50 thousand dollar annual pension for the rest of his life. He has reportedly filed to collect state benefits effective September 1st. The pension is based upon his 15 years government service. He was Governor for 11 years and Attorney General for 4. The hefty stipend will provide a comfortable lifetime income. There has been outcry that he should forfeit the annuity. Others feel he should donate it to the sexual harassment victims and families of dead nursing home residents. He has thus far been mum on these demands. Cuomo is likely plotting his Next Move. Instead of returning to law practice, he is seen as engaging in lucrative deal making. Real Estate or Mergers and Acquisitions are the probable employment fields. Meanwhile there is widespread speculation he will attempt a return to politics on the National Level. Oddsmakers are taking bets whether he will run for President in 2024. This Blog believes that to be his Game Plan. Is It Fair ? We have seen that Andrew Cuomo serves himself first. Stay tuned as the STORY EVOLVES !!