Joint Committee Revisits Book Deal

Joint Committee Revisits Book Deal. The JCOPE is reconsidering whether to rescind its approval of the Cuomo Memoir. The 14 members are huddling to negate the transaction. There are believed to be 8 votes, a clear majority, to nullify the consent. Controversy swirls around the whole matter. The deal was signed off on last year by committee staff. It was not assented to by Committee members. This irregularity allowed the ex Governor to reap a 5 Million Dollar windfall advance on the volume. There have since been allegations that state employees were used to write, edit, and promote the self-serving book detailing Cuomo’s supposed leadership during the pandemic. The matter is under investigation by the Attorney General and US Attorney for the Eastern District. Joint Committee Revisits Book Deal. The wheels of justice are turning as the JCOPE considers its next move !!