Kissing Cousin

Andrew Cuomo is a Kissing Cousin. Evidently he can not restrain himself. A ninth accuser, Sherry Vill, has now come forward to allege he forcibly kissed her without her consent. The incident occurred in 2017 at her home in Greece, New York. There is a damning photograph of the encounter. Vill has gone public with the charge after initial reluctance. She made a virtual announcement with her high-profile lawyer, Gloria Allred, who has represented Harvey Weinstein and Jeffrey Epstein accusers. In response to the most recent allegation, Cuomo attorney, Rita Glavin, said he was merely offering “comfort”. The outrage of it all! How many more women need to level charges before King Cuomo accepts the inevitable and quits. He has violated his office through his abusive behavior. This on top of the nursing home and all the other scandals. The Governor is a lech. He must be brought to task for his offensive conduct. Then there can be healing and closure both for the victims and all New Yorkers. The Kissing Cousin tripped himself up and is on the way out.

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