Labor Betrayed

Labor Betrayed. Hochul has forsaken the working men and women of New York. On this Labor Day 2022 expect her to issue proclamation extolling the virtues of those who labor. She will make reference to her own working class roots. Hollow words from a Governor who has abandoned them. Hochul and her Democratic cronies are choking the middle class with their excessive taxes and spending. Her soft on crime policies and bail reforms have undermined the safety of New Yorkers. Vast numbers who can afford to are fleeing the state. Those who lack the wherewithal to move elsewhere are stuck here. Household budgets bear the brunt of her spendthrift ways. People no longer feel safe in their homes, outdoors, and on the subway. Crime is rampant. She cares nothing about our lot, relentlessly pursuing re-election. She has sold her soul. Labor Betrayed. The working men and women of New York must unite to defeat Hochul in November and elect Zeldin !!