Langworthy: No Time For Celebration

No Time For Celebration. That is the message of state GOP Chairman Nick Longworthy. He derides Cuomo’s fireworks. He sees them as a celebration of Cuomo’s misguided handling of the pandemic. Longworthy instead says the celebration should be for modern medicine. Researchers made possible the development of the vaccines that are getting the epidemic under control. The effrontery of Cuomo taking credit for himself !! He makes no mention of the pain and suffering New Yorkers endured needlessly because of his lockdowns. 40 thousand died, including over 15 thousand nursing home innocents. The economy was shattered, with millions unemployed and untold numbers of businesses crippled. All the while the ego maniac in Albany praises himself. Langworthy is right. No Time For Celebration. Honor instead the FRONT LINE WORKERS who RISKED THEIR LIVES to help us all.