Liar Liar Pants on Fire

Liar Liar Pants on Fire. Governor Cuomo now faces allegations of sexual misconduct. Former advisor Lindsey Boylan charges the Governor with harassment. She claims he forcibly kissed her and suggested they play strip poker. The Governor denies this. Boylan is a highly credible person. She is currently running for Manhattan Borough President. She has an unblemished record of public service. Cuomo on the other hand is discredited, having been exposed as an unrepentant liar and bully. The charges must be thoroughly investigated. If verified, they constitute further grounds for removing him from office. His abusive behavior can not be allowed to continue. On top of his authoritarian rule, criminal misconduct, and heavy handed tactics he is now accused of being a sexual predator. There is a need for cleansing in Albany. We commend Ms. Boylan for courageously coming forward with her allegations. At last there can be resolution and closure.

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