Lies and Innuendos

Andrew Cuomo’s tenure in office is marked by Lies and Innuendos. His criminal obstruction of justice by deliberately underreporting covid nursing home deaths is sufficient grounds for removal from office. Now the transgressions are compounded by the burgeoning sexual harassment scandal. The New York Post reports that Cuomo once said if accuser Lindsey Boylan were a dog he would mount her. Bloomberg reporter Valerie Bauman reveals that he made her feel uncomfortable with unwanted advances. The string of lies and innuendos becomes more tangled. Clearly it is time to start Impeachment. The Governor has been so thoroughly discredited that he can not remain in office. He has lost all credibility. His ability to lead is irrevocably compromised. Yet he stubbornly refuses to resign. Arrogant and Willful to the End! The Legislature must do the right thing and expedite the process. There is no room for equivocation amid the dual coronavirus and economic crises. Show him the Exit and be gone once and for all.

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