Limits Proposed on Outside Income

Limits have been proposed on Outside Income. Liz Krueger has introduced legislation to cap outside income at 15 percent of a politician’s salary. The Senate Finance Committee Chairman is reacting to Cuomo’s 5 Million payday on his Leadership memoir. It is meant to curb abuses that have compromised public service. The Governor’s book deal is an egregious breach of office and public trust. It is roughly 20 times his annual salary. The advance is under investigation by federal authorities. King Andrew allegedly used state employees to write and edit the manuscript. This may result in criminal charges. The entire project is tantamount to BLOOD MONEY. Cuomo extols his handling of the covid crisis. He makes no mention of the 15,000 elderly innocents who perished in nursing homes due to his mandates. Limits Proposed on Outside Income. The measure is long overdue. It will restore honesty and integrity to New York State Government !!