Long Haul

Long Haul to 21 Million Vaccinations. At what Price has this been achieved? 40 Thousand dead, many needlessly, due to Cuomo’s bungling of the crisis. A third of the fatalities are due to his nursing home mandate which killed off 15 Thousand elderly innocents. Thousands more perished because of his authoritative edicts. His arbitrary shutdown of the state economy compounded the suffering. Over a million New Yorkers remain out of work. Businesses large and small were crippled by his one man rule. The arbitrary lockdown of schools, houses of worship, and public transportation hurt us all. Government budgets spiraled into deep deficits, rescued only by the federal bailout. Through it all King Andrew puts positive spin on everything. He posts daily tweets of statistics. He writes of the 21 Million who have been vaccinated. What a Long Haul it has been to reach that benchmark. The misery of 21 Million New Yorkers is the end product.