Losing Grip

Losing Grip. The Legislature blocks Cuomo’s MTA plan. The reins of power are slipping. No longer can he impose his Will on the Senate and Assembly. The days of Rule by Fiat are coming to an end. Instead he must PANDER to the politicians who will determine his future. He must acquiesce to them. The Fall from Power is of epic proportions. For over a decade he tyrannically ruled. His Word was Law. Now he has been rendered impotent, with his initiatives blocked by the Legislature. How the Mighty Have Fallen!! His determination to dominate State Government was without equal in modern times. As a street thug, he bullied and intimidated to get his way. Not a great way to make friends, especially now that he is Facing Impeachment. The situation is of his own creation. Losing Grip. Legislative defeats are just the beginning. The probable outcome is OUSTER FROM OFFICE.