Majority of New Yorkers Want Cuomo Gone

A Majority of New Yorkers want Cuomo GONE. A Siena College poll found 62 percent of voters say he should either RESIGN or NOT RUN for RE-ELECTION. Only 35 percent of respondents want him to run again. The people are clearly FED UP. Try as he might to stonewall, the TIDE HAS TURNED against him. Amid multiple swirling scandals he defiantly refuses to resign. New Yorkers will not tolerate this. No less than 3 investigations are underway. The Attorney General, Assembly, and US Attorney for Eastern District of New York are all conducting inquiries. Report backs are likely over the next few months. Despite their outcome, the electorate wants to MOVE ON. A Majority of New Yorkers want him GONE. The pendulum is swinging back in favor of the electorate. They will DECIDE HIS FATE !!