Mandating College Vaccinations

Andrew Cuomo is now Mandating College Vaccinations. It is his latest authoritarian edict. All SUNY and CUNY students will have to be vaccinated in order to enroll this fall. The outrage covers over 750,000 students attending New York public colleges. Thousands of college age youth choose to opt out of the vaccine for personal, medical and religious reasons. That is of no concern to King Andrew. He is intent upon imposing his will regardless of consequence. It is a one man power trip. We call upon the Legislature to curb the abuse. The investigations currently underway must be concluded swiftly. Defiantly refusing to resign, the Governor MUST BE IMPEACHED. Then his arbitrary edicts MUST BE RESCINDED. Mandating College Vaccinations is further evidence of him overstepping bounds. It must be revoked to safeguard civil liberties.