Maskless in Florida

Maskless in Florida. That is my right. This afternoon I went Maskless to the local mall. I and many others were Maskless by Choice. We were not forced to wear masks in public by a tyrannical governor. Andrew Cuomo has compelled New Yorkers to wear masks for over a year. That is a violation of our civil rights and liberties. Studies have shown that masks are not a deterrent, provided people socially distance and maintain 6 foot separations. Florida has it right. In fact, covid infection rates are lower in the Sunshine State than in the Empire State. Florida residents can breathe free, safe from repercussions. I have now been on vacation for over a week. I am more relaxed and at ease, away from the police state that is currently New York. Andrew Cuomo can not tell me what to do down here. Maskless in Florida. By Choice, not by mandate.