Mass Exodus

The stage is set for a Mass Exodus. Corporations and wealthy individuals are preparing to flee New York given the recently enacted tax increases. The effective state tax rate is now the highest in the nation. Its passage reflects Andrew Cuomo’s eroding power. He had long resisted massive tax increases, fearing they would prompt an Exodus of the most successful businesses and taxpayers. Now he is impotent to stop the progressives in the Legislature who championed the tax hikes. The Governor now can not fight back. He must acquiesce to Andrea Stewart-Cousins and Carl Heastie who will determine his fate. Concerned only with holding onto his job, he has sold out to them, Nowhere is the fallout from his scandals more evident than in the new state budget. King Andrew must be removed from office NOW to prevent further damage. The flood gates are open. The Mass Exodus has begun.

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