Mayoral Primary

The New York City Mayoral Primary is tomorrow. The law and order candidate Eric Adams is favored. The NYPD is handicapped by Cuomo’s bail reforms. He is turning repeat offenders back on the streets, THIS MUST END !!!! Crime is surging due to the reforms. The streets are no longer safe. Cuomo caved into the progressive agenda. The result is increases in serious crime across all categories. Through it all he remains oblivious to the damage he has done. NYC was the safest large city in America for over 2 decades. The Governor’s actions reversed that in short order. There is a straight line correlation between the outburst of violence and the get out of jail free card. THIS MUST STOP !!!! The Mayoral Primary is the first step. There must be a repudiation of Cuomo’s policies. Let the voters send a clear message to TAKE BACK THE STREETS and END THE LUNACY !!!!