Me Thinks He Doth Protest Too Much

Me Thinks He Doth Protest Too Much. The prophetic words of Shakespeare written hundreds of years ago aptly describe the protestations of Andrew Cuomo. He continues to profess his innocence. He claims he has done nothing wrong. Fat Chance! He is guilty as sin. Not only has he transgressed and committed criminal acts, he stonewalls, maintaining he is blameless. This is double effrontery to the people of New York. The insolence of it all! King Cuomo has lied, bullied, covered up, and broken the law. He arrogantly believes he can ride out the storm. Fortunately the wheels of justice are turning. 2 independent investigations authorized by Letitia James and Carl Heastie are well underway. We put our faith and trust that they will lead to his removal from office. All his stubborn denials will not save him. His hollow claims only compound the outrage. Me Thinks He Doth Protest Too Much. The Bard of Avon knew what he was talking about.

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