Medical Experts Quitting in Droves

Medical experts are quitting the Cuomo administration in droves. The New York Times reports that 9 key officials have resigned since summer. The cite King Andrew’s reliance on his aids rather than medical professionals. Indeed, he revealed that he does not trust the experts. This is the height of irresponsibility amid the covid crisis. Experts are dismayed over the vaccine rollout. The Governor is listening to his cronies instead of health care authorities. Among those who have left are the assistant state health commissioner. The results are evident. New York ranks twentieth among the states in shots administered. Vast numbers of vulnerable residents are at risk due to his actions. His arrogance is endangering millions. It is incumbent upon the Legislature to take back control and return strategic policy to the experts.

1 thought on “Medical Experts Quitting in Droves

  1. CryptoKitty

    Its my belief there are two reasons for this. 1. During our daily dose of televised Cuomoisms he told doctors how to commit vaccine fraud. 2. He was not only investigating facilities ( refer to #1 how to make 6 doses out of 2) he was also going after the patients. Anyone administering and receiving the vaccine are now scared to give and receive. Jumping Cuomo’s ship is the only sane and natural thing to do. Loving your blog! #cuomoisstillakiller

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