Memorial Day 2021- Honoring the Fallen

Today is Memorial Day 2021. We honor the fallen, paying tribute to those who have died. This year’s commemoration is even more poignant. We remember those whose lives were cut short by covid. We reflect upon the loss of thousands of elderly New Yorkers who died needlessly in nursing homes. Cuomo’s mandate sacrificed them for no reason. Their blood is on his hands. Through it all he is remorseless. He fails to acknowledge his wrongdoing. The families grieve mightily, outraged by his conduct. His response was “WHO CARES?” when pressed upon the senseless deaths. What an incredible MONSTER! Recognizing his transgression, he and his aides consciously OBSTRUCTED JUSTICE and COVERED UP the number of those who perished. All the while professing his innocence. He further affronted by seeking to combine today’s tribute to fallen members of the Armed Forces with recognition of deceased covid front line workers. They should be honored in a separate celebration of their heroism. Memorial Day solemnly is for Fallen soldiers. Do not confuse the two. We should expect little else from an unprincipled coward who lacks conscience.