Million Plus Unemployed

Million Plus Unemployed. Cuomo’s relentless lockdowns devastated the New York economy. Countless workers lost their jobs due to his authoritative mandates. Service employees were particularly hurt. The edicts concerning restaurants, bars, and lodging were especially severe. Crazy requirements for limited hours and seating wrecked havoc with the hospitality industry. Thousands of establishments closed for good. Many more are just limping along. The ranks of the unemployed have failed to improve. Permanent damage has been done to the work force. Through it all King Andrew remains oblivious to the lasting damage. The situation is acute in New York City. Vast numbers are still unemployed. There is little hope of returning to work anytime soon. And unemployment benefits are set to expire in 2 months. Million Plus Unemployed. A Million Plus personal tragedies. And Cuomo is to BLAME !!