Moment of Truth

Moment of Truth. The hard fought campaign comes down to voters casting their ballots. Rarely has there been a clearer choice in state politics. The electorate has the opportunity to repudiate 2 decades of one party Democratic rule. It has coincided with the decline of the once preeminent Empire State. Scandal after scandal has been the norm in Albany. Rot and decay have decimated New York. Reckless spending and taxation have driven hundreds of thousands to flee. Soft on crime administrations have made us unsafe in our homes, the streets and subways. The corruption of Cuomo is matched by his successor Hochul. Her outrageous pay to play and influence peddling schemes should be prosecuted. Zeldin offers hope and promise amid all the darkness. He is on the cusp of pulling off an upset of historic magnitude. Moment of Truth. New Yorkers can take back our government by electing Zeldin and letting the healing begin !!