More Defections

There are even More Defections from the Governor’s staff. The latest to leave is communications director Peter Ajemian. He joins numerous other senior aides who have headed for the exits. Ajemian is taking a job in the private sector. His departure is hastened by the swirl of scandals engulfing the Cuomo administration. Staffers are fleeing the toxic environment in droves. They are understandably concerned about the ramifications on their careers. The proverbial handwriting is on the wall. Assistants are jumping ship out of self preservation. They can not afford the taint of scandal that is rocking the State House. King Andrew should wake up and smell the roses. Those he thought to be most loyal are abandoning him. Through it all he stubbornly refuses to resign. He is setting himself up for impeachment and possible criminal prosecution. How many More Defections will there be? ONLY TIME WILL TELL.