More Insults

More Insults have been revealed. The New York Times reports that Andrew Cuomo once complained about having to attend a Sukkot event, the important Jewish festival. He ridiculed “These people and their f—— tree houses.” The comment was made to an aide who shared it with others. This is an insult to New York’s important and sizable Jewish community. He also affronted transsexuals, telling a male assistant that “You’d be a good-looking tranny if you get a good set of tits.” This is further evidence of the toxic work environment he created around himself. 10 credible women have come forward to accuse him sexual harassment. The Governor used fear, bullying, and intimidation to impose his will. He must be held accountable for his misdeeds. Refusing to resign, the Legislature must remove him from office through impeachments. The disrespect and abusive behavior must be ended. NO MORE INSULTS.

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