New Low

New Low. The Ethics Panel is probing whether Cuomo aide Larry Schwartz tied vaccine distribution to political support by county executives. This is a New Low even for the Governor and his Gang. The Joint Commission on Public EthicsĀ is reportedly calling county executives around the state to look into allegations that Schwartz contacted them to gauge their support for the Governor. Several felt intimidated, fearing that vaccines would be withheld for their counties. Schwartz formerly headed vaccine distribution for King Andrew. The outrageous conduct is further evidence of Cuomo’s abuse of office and power. That life saving shots would be withheld for political reasons defies imagination. Complicating the inquiry is that a majority of the Ethics Panel commissioners were appoint by Cuomo. The potential conflict of interest is evident. New Low. This sordid situation is reprehensible even for the Governor’s Gang of WRONGDOWERS !!!!