New Mayor Positive Thing

Andrew Cuomo says the New Mayor is a Positive Thing. Speaking of Eric Adams apparent victory in the NYC Mayoral Primary, he sees that as Very, Very Positive. The Governor had long feuded with the hapless incumbent, Bill DeBlasio. King Andrew should look at himself. It will be a Very, Very Positive development for New Yorkers when there is a NEW GOVERNOR. His 3 terms in office have been an unqualified disaster. Runaway spending and progressive “REFORMS” marked his tenure long before covid. His bungled response to the pandemic inflicted even more misery. Thousands died needlessly due to his mismanagement of the crisis. New York has the second highest covid death rate per million residents, second only to New Jersey. The exposes of his scandals and aberrant behavior have cast a pall over Albany. New Mayor a Positive Thing. Yes Indeed. But the even BIGGER POSITIVE will be when Cuomo is no longer Governor !!