New York Touch

New York Touch. That is the perversion of Governor Cuomo’s New York Tough slogan. Last evening an Albany skyscraper was illumined with New York Touch and a heart. It brought attention to the groping scandal engulfing King Andrew. A female accuser has stepped forward, alleging he fondled her at the Executive Mansion without her consent. It is tantamount to criminal behavior, punishable as a misdemeanor. This in addition to the 8 other courageous women who have detailed his predatory behavior. In the face of all this Cuomo defiantly protests his innocence. He refuses to resign, necessitating independent investigations into his wrongdoing. The victims are scarred and traumatized. He cares nothing about what he has done to them. His only concern is hanging on to power. New Yorkers are fed up. The night darkness now bears witness to his sexual harassment. New York Touch says it all.

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