No Disappearing Act

No Disappearing Act. Cuomo has told reporter he is Not Disappearing. What does he have up his sleeve? We suggest he intends on a period of seclusion and false remorse. Then he is likely to mount a Comeback. The deposed Governor has tasted vast power for too long. He will not fade away like an Old Soldier. Instead he is probably already plotting his Comeback. Cuomo is a Sociopath who cares nothing about the Harm he has done. He is completely self-centered and cares only about himself. His super sized Ego will not let him withdraw. Sooner or later he will be back, this time with a vengeance. As this Blog has written, he still harbors Presidential Ambitions. The road to the White House is his ultimate prize. No Disappearing Act. New Yorkers and the Country have not heard the last from Andrew Cuomo. As he has already said, it is Not in His Nature !!!!