No Time For Celebration

No Time For Celebration. Cuomo’s fireworks make a mockery of covid suffering. They show his continuing disregard for the harm he has inflicted. The removal of mandates comes too late. The damage is done. He compounded the pain of the pandemic through his mismanagement of the crisis. His arbitrary and capricious edicts shattered life for almost a year and a half. Schools, businesses, and houses of worship were shut down. Millions found themselves unemployed. Companies large and small were crippled. Thousands closed for good. Tens of thousands died of the virus here in New York, Most shockingly, nearly 16,000 vulnerable elderly residents of nursing homes perished needlessly due to his directives. It was rule by fiat. No Time For Celebration. Leave the fireworks to the 4th of July. Honor those who passed with SOLEMN REMEMBRANCE, not pyrotechnics.