No Way Jose

No Way Jose. That is Andrew Cuomo’s refrain as he nixes lifting the federal ban on going maskless. The CDC put out guidance that those who have been vaccinated no longer have to wear masks outside. The Governor has shot down the welcome news. More of the same. King Andrew is determined to hold onto the reins of power. He insists upon imposing his will even in the face of changed federal regulations. We should have seen this coming. He alludes to SCIENCE in justifying his mandate. Where was the science when thousands of helpless elderly nursing home residents died needlessly because of his directives? This is the proverbial last straw. We call upon the Legislature to DO THE RIGHT THING and REMOVE HIM FROM OFFICE. His reckless edicts now run counter to national policy. He is extending and compounding the pandemic crisis. No Way Jose. Get a life, Governor Cuomo.