Not Concerned

Not Concerned. Hochul said in an interview with ABC News that she is not losing sleep over the prospect of a Cuomo independent run. She explained, “Everyone will do what they choose to do.” Brave words from the incumbent. A recent poll revealed the ex-Governor would play the role of spoiler. He would not win. However, he would siphon off enough Democratic votes to pave the way for the Republican. Were Cuomo a thinking person he would sit the election out. Yet his super sized Ego is so great that he may well run. The greatest punishment for him is to be relegated to the sidelines. He craves public acclaim. The matter will be decided by the end of the month with the deadline for filing petitions. Meanwhile Hochul says she is too preoccupied with serving New Yorkers to worry. Not Concerned. She is betting he stays out of a race he can not win !!