O Danny Boy

O Danny Boy. The pipes, the pipes are calling. The classic Irish ballad is evidently a favorite of Andrew Cuomo. He reportedly asked accuser Charlotte Bennett to learn the lyrics and sing it with him. The horrified Bennett recoiled and resisted such bizarre behavior by King Andrew. He alleged sexually harassed her, going so far as to inquire whether she sleeps with older men. He even tried to make her his procurer, asking her to find him a girlfriend. We are shocked and appalled by his conduct. It was witnessed by stalwart defender Melissa DeRosa who told him to lay off. The lovestruck Governor could not restrain himself. He abused his office and power to gratify his weird impulses. Clearly this is grounds for impeachment and potential criminal prosecution. The courageous accusers are to be commended for coming forward despite great personal embarrassment and pain. O Danny Boy. Randy Andy came calling.

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