Obstruction of Justice

There is a growing outcry alleging Obstruction of Justice. 9 Democratic members of the State Assembly signed a letter calling for Cuomo’s removal from office. They cite his intentional Obstruction of Justice, as outlined in Title 18, Chapter 73 of the United States Code. They call upon the Assembly to exercise its constitutional powers and start impeachment proceedings. The proverbial cat is now out of the hat. Momentum is growing among outraged Legislators. The Governor can no longer hide behind his double dealing. The 9 Assembly Members call for an immediate revocation of King Cuomo’s emergency executive orders. His attempts at a coverup have been exposed. The Legislators recognize that if they do not act they could be seen as accomplices. We salute them for their courageous stance. Together with Republicans in the Assembly they must do and right thing and initiate impeachment.

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