On With Impeachment!

On With Impeachment! That is the rallying cry of Assembly Minority Leader Will Barclay. He urges the Assembly Judiciary Committee to wrap up its investigation of Cuomo wrongdoing quickly. The Committee has been meeting for 2 months. In that time multiple other inquiries have been underway. Attorney General Letitia James and the US Department of Justice are looking into allegations of sexual harassment and abuse of power. Meanwhile a pall hangs over the State House. Rendered politically impotent, the Governor caved into the Legislature on the disastrous tax increases on business on the successful. People and corporations are fleeing the Empire State in droves. IT IS TIME TO ACT NOW! Before further damage to New York. King Andrew’s multiple infractions must be addressed head on. No more stalling or equivocation. ON WITH IMPEACHMENT! It is in the best interests of the State and its Citizens.