Out of the Depths

Out of the Depths. The Senior Editor is taking a much needed break from the tangled lockdowns in New York. While snorkeling in the ocean off the Treasure Coast of Florida, I happened on an unexpected find. To my astonishment there was a banner near a coral reef. Upon investigation it turned out to be a banner proclaiming “Cuomo Sucks”. I brought it to the surface for all to see. Removed this week from the lies and deception, I see that the Governor is preparing to loosen curfew restrictions next month. Alas it is just a ploy to curry favor with voters. There never was a need for the heavy handed restrictions. It was all a power play and ego trip. The Sunshine State thrives with businesses open as usual. Indeed, the Sunbelt States have far lower covid rates than their highly regulated northern counterparts. Out of the Depths. Even the Ocean bears witness to King Andrew’s transgressions.

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