Outrageous Comment

Cuomo sparks OUTRAGE by calling covid a “Tremendous Personal Benefit”. The man clearly has no conscience or scruples. He bungled the management of the health crisis. 50,000 New Yorkers died in the pandemic. There were more deaths per million residents than in any other state except New Jersey. 15,000 nursing home residents lost their lives due to his thoughtless mandates. Aside from the physical carnage he decimated the New York economy. Over a million were unemployed due to his relentless lockdowns. Lives were disrupted as schools and houses of worship were shut down. Through it all he remained oblivious to the suffering he caused. He took a bad situation and made it far worse. To add insult to inquiry, he profited from his misdeeds. The 5 Million dollar book deal enriched his pockets. Outrageous Comment Indeed. The Governor’s characterization of the emergency as a TREMENDOUS PERSONAL BENEFIT is finally the last straw.