Poolside Reading

This afternoon I did some Poolside Reading. I perused a year old copy of Rolling Stone Magazine. The cover featured a photo of Andrew Cuomo. The lead article was entitled “Taking Charge”. The Governor was then riding high. That was before all the truth came out. He lauded his work combating covid. He even went so far as to declare: “It’s 24 hours a day, seven days a week. You work until you can’t work anymore. I can’t save everybody’s life. But I’ll do what I can to save as many as I can.” Too bad he overlooked the thousands of nursing home residents who died needlessly as a result of his mandate. He then incredibly enough deliberately concealed the actual number of those who perished. He covered it up to make him look good. Since the May 2020 publication, scandal after scandal has been exposed. He has proven to be a liar, thug, and sexual predator. He has caused untold grief for so many. Funny how things come full circle in a year’s time. The Poolside Reading was a revelation.