Poor Brother Chris

Poor Brother Chris. His ratings are languishing since big brother Andrew’s troubles began. “Prime Time Cuomo”, once CNN’s highest ranked program, has lost over 500,000 nightly viewers. The program which lauded the New York Governor has hit the skids. Chris barreled to the top riding off his family name. Neither incisive nor particularly bright, he joined the Governor in profiting off their father’s legacy. During the early days of the pandemic they engaged in back and forth mutual admiration. Now both are in retreat. Chris commanded 6 million per year reporting political gibberish for the network. Only recently did CNN bar reporting on Andrew by his younger brother. How the mighty have fallen. As the scandals deepen the ratings are likely to continue in free fall. Both brothers are in danger of losing their jobs. There are no other sibling duos who have made gain off family ties. Fortunately the pendulum is swinging back. They are likely to soon be on the outside looking in. Their arrogance proved to be their undoing.

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