Power of the Ballot

Power of the Ballot. New Yorkers take to the polls today. They will choose the new Mayor. Next year they will select the new Governor. ANYONE BUT CUOMO !! Primary Day reminds us of our DEMOCRATIC FREEDOMS. We have the unalienable right to choose our leaders. Andrew Cuomo’s reign of infamy has imperiled our liberties. His authoritarian one-man rule runs counter to our DEMOCRACY. His ruthless bullying and intimidation have no place in our country. Fortunately the Founders provided redress to such abuses. They laid the framework for IMPEACHMENT to rectify the crimes of errant politicians. We seek justice through the IMPEACHMENT process. Even if Cuomo is not removed from office, the remedy will be to VOTE HIM OUT of office next year. Democracy is resilient. Our government can not be undermined by a corrupt leader and his cronies. Power of the Ballot. The electorate will unceremoniously boot him from the State House. LONG LIVE DEMOCRACY !!!!