Power to the People

Power to the People! The Legislature at long last has reached a deal to strip Andrew Cuomo of his emergency powers. The Assembly and Senate are expected to vote Friday on a bill to rescind his arbitrary and capricious rule. This is long overdue. The Governor’s edicts over the past year have compounded the pandemic suffering. He was given free rein on closures of schools, venues, restaurants and bars. The legislation will restore decision making to municipalities. This in the midst of the accelerating scandals that are engulfing the administration. Cuomo is under investigation by Attorney General Letitia James and the U.S. Department of Justice. Accusers are coming forward on an almost daily basis alleging sexual improprieties. Now a female physician charges him with inappropriate comments during a covid test. Clearly he can not survive the crises of his own creation. We commend the Legislature and its Leaders for restoring balance to State Government. Removal from office is the next step. New Yorkers unite in saying NEVER AGAIN.

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