Protect Us From Attorney General Cuomo

Saints protect us from Attorney General Cuomo. He is rumored to be under consideration by President-Elect Biden for the top Justice Department post. The last thing the country needs is King Andrew in Washington. His administration has resorted to heavy government controls and regulations. More of the same can be expected from him as AG. A heartless northern liberal has no place in the cabinet. He would spread his misguided policies across the country. Biden preaches unification, not Cuomo’s brand of divisiveness. Keep him out of the federal bureaucracy.

1 thought on “Protect Us From Attorney General Cuomo

  1. Teri Williford

    Are you serious??? Really??? C’mon you’re kidding, right??? Sick joke??? Sleepy Joe Biden’s inability to make a quality decision is getting old… Cuomo’s unethical, wicked, evil decisions in New York speck for themselves, NO FEDERAL JOBS FOR CUOMO…NOT ON MY TAX DOLLARS!!!

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