Rebukes Reporter

Rebukes Reporter. Cuomo snaps back at Journalist. On his last full day in office the Governor talked down to reporter. He deflected question about the sexual harassment scandal at hurricane briefing. He indicated he did not want to discuss Albany Politics. He also besmirched one of his accusers. True to Form until the End. Cuomo exits as arrogant and belligerent as ever. No hint of contrition or remorse in his voice. Andrew the Defiant. He planted the seeds of his own self destruction. His administration ends tonight at 11:59 p.m. Kathy Hochul will then assume the reins of power. The colossal fall from grace is like a Greek tragedy. He refuses to acknowledge his own wrongdoing. He likely will go into seclusion at the home of a relative or crony. Then he will come ROARIZNG BACK, bemoaning the imagined assaults on him. Rebukes Reporter. Cuomo aggressively sticks to his playbook which ultimately did him in.