Refusing to Leave

Andrew Cuomo is Refusing to Leave. He won’t go of his own accord. He repeated today that he will not resign. Indeed, he announced his intention to run for re-election next year. The Outrage of it All! This man has inflicted unbearable suffering on the people of New York. He has proven to be a liar, a bully, and an obstructer of justice. This in addition to his sexual harassment of women. How much more do we have to take from this monster? He is responsible for the deaths of thousands of helpless nursing home residents. He engaged in a criminal coverup of the actual number of fatalities. He seeks to discredit the multiple investigations of his wrongdoing that are now underway. Through innuendo he casts aspersions on Attorney General Letitia James, who reportedly is mulling a run for governor. From my temporary vantage in Florida I recoil from the pain he has inflicted. Refusing to Leave. He is courting criminal prosecution. He may pay a high price for his intransigence