Retaking Charge

Retaking Charge. That is the buzzword of state Legislators. Nearly 2 months after stripping Andrew Cuomo of his emergency powers, the Legislature is repealing his excessive and authoritarian mandates. And not a moment too soon. King Cuomo’s rule by fiat was a blight on New York. It crippled the economy and resulted in the loss of thousands of small businesses. The public outcry dates back almost to the beginning of the lockdowns. That was before the revelations over criminal coverups and sexual harassment. The Legislature must make amends to voters. Beyond reigning in the tyrant’s abusive rule, they must act swiftly and emphatically to remove him from office. IMPEACH HIM NOW! The blood of thousands of innocents cries out for justice. Then let the judiciary determine whether to prosecute. Retaking Charge is the order of the day.