Return of the Native

Return of the Native. Chris Cuomo is fighting tooth and nail to reinvent himself as a broadcast personality. Despite sagging ratings, he strives for the controversial on his podcast. He recently interviewed Alex Baldwin who insisted he did not pull the trigger on Halyna Hutchins. He claimed that the gun fired on its own. Chris is probably the only one who would believe such outrage. Meanwhile he is making preparations for the launch of his evening news program on NewsNation. He will make his debut on the upstart network on October 3rd at 8 p.m. All this in the aftermath of his unceremonious firing by CNN last December. The audacity of a has been yesterday’s news anchor belligerently grasping at straws. The public has moved on from the self-destructive Cuomo brothers. Return of the Native. We can only hope that his revival will be short lived !!