SALT of the Earth

SALT of the Earth. That is the mantra of Andrew Cuomo. He recently conducted a telephone conference with New York business leaders. He urged them to remain in New York State despite the recent tax hikes. He counseled them to lobby for repeal of the SALT cap. That is the limitation of 10,000 annually on the deductibility from federal taxes of State And Local Taxes. The folly of it all! King Andrew created the problem of successful and rich taxpayers fleeing the State due to high state and local taxes. He has been in office for over a decade and presided over an orgy of raising taxes. Now politically impotent in the face of the scandals surrounding him, he was powerless to stop the recent progressive tax increase that raised our levy to the highest in the Nation. The fallout from this act is prompting a mass exodus of the wealthy to Florida. I have seen this first hand during my time down here. SALT of the Earth. Soon New York will be rendered an unleavened waste land.